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Aferfi plays a role in steady development of scientific know-how from the Portuguese textile industry in the world

Aferfi plays a role in steady development of scientific know-how from the Portuguese textile industry in the world

A. Ferreira & Filhos, S. The.


Based in 1980 A. Ferreira & Filhos, SA (AFF) try a household possessed company expert in knitted products.

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Aferfi contributes to constant development of technological skills regarding the Portuguese textile sector global.

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The R&DI office of A. Ferreira age Filhos e happy to display their latest items pertaining to E-Textiles.

This development has already been answered in other publications yet, it usually is a pleasure whenever a development moves to a product or service range with this type of easy and well-fitting variables.

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From 06/12/2017 A. Ferreira & Filhos falls under COTEC’s system of innovative SMEs. This distinction try associated with the outcome of advancement yards submitted through creativity rating appliance. The state statement was made yesterday at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon on SME advancement encounter marketed by COTEC-BPI.

Contained in this event, the champions regarding the Born From Wisdom and SME Innovation honours comprise established. This distinction is actually was given with fantastic pride in our trip and with the guarantee of continuing this work towards distinction in addition to generation of brand new skills.

The textile marketplace is flourishing and fast-growing. This increases is actually partially due to the sector’s capacity to generate competitive solutions for other technological industries, where elements related to innovation, technology and tech bring about brand new improvements and brand new strategies.

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The strategic aim on the AFF is to strengthen the internationalization with a special give attention to Wedoble brand name goods for participation in fairs during the market, company missions for prospecting and marketing in shows, online and web marketing, etc. in order to achieve and/or consolidate the position in target industries.

You can read the application form type HERE (Portuguese).

Physical violence and personal uncertainty over the past couple of years in European countries is a vital structure for conversation where urgent wants for input are crucial. In 53 countries protected by the European Delegation around the world Heh company (which) this subject has long been a hot subject.

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Textiles that can heat up aren’t novelty, yet their creation optimization may bring a number of competitive characteristics regarding costs, opportunity intake, shapes and malleability. Employing the connected competitive advantages of Weft knitting technology permits to enhance the production levels of E-Textiles.

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On the basis of its performance is the needle individual activation creating a connections between needles and their particular needle-bed with the capacity of creating patterns, graphic impacts (bi or three-dimensional) also fascinating useful properties.The fascination with Specialized Textiles is growing fast combined with developing / manufacturing / supply of technical material and yarns with diverse features and attributes.

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Auxetic materials have a bad Poisson’s coefficient. This causes these stuff, when pulled (grip), to expand their own cross-section. In non-auxetic actions, this area decreases.This amazing actions boost the effect resistance of the materials, for they boost a quick power dissipation throughout their framework.

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Weft knitting prove by itself as an extremely versatile manufacturing method with regards to constitution, interior structural architecture and multi-functionality selection. Her Needle-to-needle activation, permits achieving high-quality materials, remarkable looks standards and several various other high effects attributes.

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Antonio Ferreira & Filhos (AFF) desires Wedoble to grow 50per cent annually until 2019, the season wherein it needs to offer 200,000 pieces of its own model of kid clothes.

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A.Ferreira & Filhos, S.A. ended up being the protagonist regarding the program “E bem feito” of Porto Canal, which highlights firms that build with high quality in Portugal.

There is not too long ago submitted regarding “Hybrid Tower” propose, to which AFF made a significant share. The architectural build is on program through the 2016 Edition of Contextile – Biennial of Contemporary fabric artwork in Guimaraes until October 2016. Now your panels obtains praise from the prestigious layout Boom electronic magazine.


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