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Best Student Car Insurance for Technology: Allstate

Best Student Car Insurance for Technology: Allstate

USAA specifically caters to active and retired members of the military and their families, so their car insurance products are not available to everyone. For those who do qualify, they offer some of the lowest car insurance rates available for all drivers, including students. With an AM Best A++ financial strength rating, the company can deliver on its customers’ claims.

For student drivers, USAA offers a Good Student discount as well as a Driver Training discount for drivers younger than 21, plus a number of other discounts that could reduce your rates. These include discounts for New Vehicle, Multi-Vehicle and bundling home or renters insurance with your car insurance.

If you need to file a claim or make changes to your car insurance policy, you can do so on the USAA website or use the USAA Mobile app. In addition, you can call to speak with an agent or use the website’s chat feature with a virtual agent.

Not surprisingly, today’s student drivers are well-versed in using technology, and they often prefer to use that technology to conduct their business. With Allstate Mobile, they will have control over their car insurance policy in the palm of their hand.

Using the app, they can access digital proof of insurance cards, view their policy documents, file a claim with QuickFoto Claim, access roadside assistance, pay their premiums and contact their agent. They also can access Drivewise, which monitors their driving behavior and rewards good driving habits with additional savings.

Of course, student drivers also can log into their accounts on the Allstate website to view their policy information, file and track a claim, make policy changes and pay their car insurance premiums.

Do Students Need Their Own Insurance, or Can They Stay on a Parent’s?

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Simply put, students need their own insurance policy when they no longer live at home and continue to drive every day. If they live independently from their parents, they need to purchase their own car insurance policy.

However, if students live away from their parents – for instance, away at college – but don’t drive, they can remain on their parent’s car insurance policy. In fact, if the student lives more than 100 miles from home while at college, the parents may qualify for a student-away-at-school discount. Staying on your parent’s policy also benefits you because you won’t have a lapse in coverage, which will be favorable when shopping for your own policy in the future.

If you do have your own policy, but drive your parent’s vehicles when visiting for special occasions, it’s possible you could be covered under your parent’s policy if they have a permissive use clause on their policy. Under this clause, driving their vehicle usually is limited to less than 12 instances per year.

Therefore, unless you are living on your own and independent of your parents, it’s best to stay on your parent’s car insurance policy to get the cheapest rates and best car insurance for students.

Car Insurance Advice for Students and Strategies to Save Money

Finding cheap car insurance for students is no easy task, but it can be done with some time and research. It’s always important to shop around and get personalized quotes from at least three different insurance companies to get a good idea of what’s available for you.

In addition, you can implement the following strategies to further reduce the amount of your car insurance premiums for student drivers:

  • Get a safe vehicle for your student: Car insurance companies evaluate the car you drive based on how safe they think it is. For example, does it have a strong safety rating? Does it come outfitted with specific safety features like airbags and antilock brakes? Generally speaking, car insurance companies see sedans as safer vehicles than sports cars.


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