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Given that protagonist and main dynamics of The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen keeps a fascinating figure arc. Here are her most readily useful & worst faculties.

Given that protagonist and major character in the Hunger Games show, Katniss Everdeen keeps a fascinating character arc and it is one of the most well-developed and written characters through the e-books. Although some lovers criticize the girl on her defects, the negative traits she’s got can even make a lot of feeling on her character as well as for their circumstances.

Katniss can be unjustly slammed such that male characters often aren’t because she’sn’t the stereotypical feminine protagonist. This lady has most good attributes which happen to be worth keeping in mind also some defects.

10 Worst: Judgemental

Katniss experiences numerous difficult situations at a young age, and she has also to cope with many stress. Because of this, she doesn’t posses a lot of time for others when they are weakened or inexperienced.

She will be able to feel a little judgemental of others around the woman, but this do seem sensible as general she only can’t endure the rubbish of others.

9 Most Readily Useful: Carrier

Katniss is somebody who got a huge amount of responsibility placed on the lady shoulders at an early age. She lives under serious national control and concern, and her pops died while involved in the mines of section 12.

After the lady father’s dying, her mummy became depressed and really examined, therefore Katniss needed to pick up the slack. She really became the company within the family in a substance and emotional well-being sense.

8 Evil: Faraway

Among the many advantages of the way Katniss is written usually she’s maybe not put into a package according to their gender. While ladies in media in many cases are expected to be smooth and likable, Katniss isn’t in this way.

She will be able to getting somewhat remote and removed, but this signifies awareness as a way to shield by herself. She resides in a terrifying society and it has lost many people, so that it makes sense that she’s got wall space upwards.

7 Top: Practical

Katniss has already established to learn in order to survive in severe circumstances. For that reason, she’s discovered to-be useful in several steps. Not simply do she know how to do things like hunt and supply on her family members, but she is also functional about life and death problems.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t value people or doesn’t posses thoughts, but she also understands just what she’s to show all of them off to endure and acquire the task done.

6 Worst: Calculated

When Katniss is within the Games, she obviously needs to discover ways to generate options never to get herself killed. While this is a very important thing, she maybe too determined with regards to involved relationships.

She didn’t sense feelings really firmly toward Peeta or Gale, despite the fact that she did worry about them simply perhaps not romantically. But, she did approach these connections in a fairly measured way.

5 Most Useful: Loyal

Katniss try somebody who is quite guarded, and she isn’t gonna only automatically trust people she satisfy. She demands people to establish themselves before she seems close to all of them, escort services in Escondido but the woman is extremely dedicated to people she does worry about.

Katniss is willing repeatedly to risk her very own life and security to safeguard and rescue those she cares regarding many including demure and Peeta.

4 Worst: Angry

Provided precisely what Katniss passes through and it is up against, getting furious is a really logical feedback. The lady fury is well-deserved, but occasionally she lets it get the much better of this lady. She typically responds impulsively in place of thought items through.

But this will be one of the girl unfavorable attributes that overall simply renders the girl a far more plausible character and also considerably relatable.

3 Top: Caring

Katniss isn’t usually particularly gentle and comfortable, but she has also a tremendously compassionate and caring part. She will be able to getting really hard and removed whenever she needs to be, however when considering those she likes, this woman is usually truth be told there to manage them.

The lady treatment and love for visitors like Prim and Rue happened to be strong, and this also was actually one of the best things about her.

2 Worst: Hypocritical

Katniss is just an adolescent when she has to vie inside games, not when but 2 times. Then, she gets the symbolic figurehead with the activity against chairman snowfall. it is secure to state she endures over people will within whole lifetimes.

Thus, whenever she wishes the Capitol visitors to feel penalized with a brand new cravings video games for own young ones, you will find a twisted reasoning to this idea. But’s really distressful and helps make the lady a hypocrite.

1 Better: Powerful

Katniss has its own good qualities that make their a people and an interesting dynamics, but one of the better general is the fact that she’s extremely stronger in many ways.

While she’s actually strong and competent, her genuine power is inspired by the girl interior fortitude. The actual quantity of injury that she undergoes at this type of an early age try astounding, and even though she does not remain unscathed, the woman is capable of finding some solace in her own lifestyle. She actually is an inspiration in several ways.