ArewaTecHub Digital School digitizing a school’s learning system to equip students with 21st century competencies and skill sets. The world is changing rapidly and skill sets needed are also revolving. Traditional schools that are not equip to incorporate 21st century competencies and skill sets will no longer be enough to support the increasingly diverse and innovation-oriented societies of the future.

The signs are suggesting that the greatest impact digital technology will have on learning will come from the technology’s underpinning role within a digitally-based school ecosystem; an ecosystem that is integrated, focused and which simultaneously addresses all the variables that enhance student learning.

When children are able to tackle a group project employing the digital technologies that they use in their daily lives, teachers can astutely build upon each child’s digital and social competencies and address shortcomings, all while teaching the desired material in a more individualized manner. Core partnering with Google for Education, to provide the needed solutions to the digital learning.

Potential opportunities to enhance student learning

A digitally-based school ecosystem, one where all within the school community have in their hands a suite of sophisticated technologies, provides a platform from which educators can potentially harness an array of opportunities that enhance the learning of each child. Those opportunities are explored in depth in Digital Technology and Student Learning.

Suffice to say, the pathfinder schools have already taken advantage of the digital to cultivate opportunities that are simply impossible or impracticable without the digital platform. They have:

  • Markedly strengthened the degree of home-school collaboration;
  • Adopted a 24 hour, seven day a week mode of networked schooling;
  • Used the personal technology to better individualise the teaching;
  • Made the teaching more relevant and attractive to more students;
  • Enhanced teacher efficiency; and
  • Achieved previously impossible synergies.

Features & Benefits

With continuous intakes, students can enroll and start every 6 weeks. Age range 9-20 years old.
Digital School has small class sizes to ensure you have enough time with the instructors and help with project work.
Digital School’s students and teachers benefit from the blended learning experience of using both online resources and in-class, in-person instructions and hands on practical sessions.
The Student Support Services’ goal is to support you in meeting your personal, academic and career objectives to help you to make the most of your schooling experience.
Digital Skills open up access to the 21st century Jobs which is the digital future of work force, we assist to secure jobs from our network of local & foreign employers.
Earn industry world recognized course completion certificates for Adobe, Microsoft, Android Studio, Google, Corel…. and other software skills.