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However, whenever Band Band provides Garu as their spouse, he cannot sit back on her behalf whatsoever

However, whenever Band Band provides Garu as their spouse, he cannot sit back on her behalf whatsoever

Whenever Band Ring spies with the martial arts facility during the Ring Ring from the Fighting styles Studio, she observes that Garu is apparently getting they super easy towards the Pucca throughout their spar, hardly allowing their touch the floor. It may be argued you to definitely Garu isn’t seeking to damage Pucca because the woman is much more good than he could be, but theoretically, very is Band Ring.

During the Plunger Soft drink, Garu nearly falls down an intense cave, but Pucca might be able to single muslim-bezoekers save yourself him because of the sucking in good large amount of heavens, taking your so you can the girl safely, and undoubtedly unwittingly delivering a kiss. Afterwards, when Garu was freezing, Pucca brings him a scarf, and you will a-two-ways mitten shaped such as for example a center that enables this lady to hold their give. When they get right to the Plunger Soft drink sit, they are still carrying give.

When you look at the Valentine’s day, prior to Ring Band disrupts the function, Garu would undertake one’s heart-shaped chocolate Pucca created for him. The guy also searched wowed by the him or her whenever Pucca shown them to him.

Together with, regarding the Baseball Competition, whenever Garu ratings due to Pucca’s help, they look at each other to possess an additional in advance of Garu willingly offers her a leading five. He seems embarrassed from this action after as he sees exactly how thrilled Pucca becomes over it, however. At that time Band Band watched they both performing the new highest five, she turned up, disrupted the overall game and you may took Garu inside her people. Both Garu and you will Pucca got aggravated. Ring Band passes the ball to help you Garu thus he is able to get, nevertheless when Ring Band made Garu this new indication very he is able to render the woman a high four, the guy ignored her. When Pucca looks like successful the online game against Ring Ring, Garu not only claps on her profit, however, allows this lady so you’re able to kiss him everywhere to depart reddish lip marks because the their penalty having shedding, to help you Ring Ring’s chagrin.

Garu specifically really wants to get away from Pucca into the Garu Inside the Prison, thus Abyo sets him during the a prison mobile within police station provide him the area he need very they can reflect. Something do not check out bundle, not, and soon adequate, Garu finds himself relieved so you’re able to

look for Pucca, mirroring the lady depression as they look at each other from jail bars (albeit their sadness is of are stuck at the side of an effective ticking fart bomb).

Regarding the Doubtful Video game, Garu try pleased and you may claps to have Pucca whenever she victories the newest basic game. Whenever Pucca observes exactly how excited Garu is the fact that the second game’s award try a golden sword, she gains it for your, which will be prepared to look for him spar involved after that have Abyo and Ching.

Crazy Soup, Garu fell in love with Pucca once again due to consequences away from love soup that she designed for him

Inside the Dong King compared to. Goh Rong Area 2, whenever Garu thinks about preparing for everyone, he cares for the guy blushes bashfully right after considering throughout the Pucca when she seems in the front off your. It is vital to keep in mind that they only got five full minutes leftover to cook a cake, and you can Garu, due to that thought of Pucca, made it a get out-of 100 to beat Dong King’s rating out of 99, protecting new Goh-Rong regarding Dong King’s handbags.


It could be argued you to possibly Pucca provides the intellectual fortitude to hear Garu’s tunes out of distress in the astral flat, or that they’re therefore linked you to definitely she can listen to your, on occurrence Astral Child and Fantasy Woman. She actually is capable journey to brand new astral airplanes in different indicates due to the fact herself to simply help your towards the their way to enlightenment. it must be indexed Garu is the just one she hears on astral plane if you find yourself the woman is about physical planes.

Into the episode Tobe the nice Man, he’s viewed finding a flower top you to Pucca performed create for him. That the guy tried to exposure falling off an excellent cliff so you can rescue this easy item reveals the guy does proper care.


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