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Presenting Quip Spreadsheets that change figures into behavior.

Presenting Quip Spreadsheets that change figures into behavior.

Quip facilitate sales teams accelerate business in realtime. Reimagine income processes with embedded documents, reside Salesforce facts, and integral cooperation.

What exactly is Quip?

Quip is the simplest way for Salesforce clients to transform procedures like profile Planning, Mutual Close Plans, and in canada degree records. Standardize, automate, and embed real-time, collaborative papers inside Salesforce data.

Quip may be the easiest method for Salesforce users to change steps like Account thinking, Mutual near Plans, and certification records. Standardize, automate, and embed real time, collaborative records inside Salesforce documents.

Paperwork that energy a culture of action

Quip records unite their groups work and communication, so you can get anything carried out in one room.

Spreadsheets that turn rates into decisions

Embed spreadsheets into records supply information the framework the group needs to render vital decisions.

Speak that breaks down ideas silos

Streamline their workflow with team talk constructed into every data and spreadsheet; plus group chat rooms and 1:1 texting.

Paperwork that energy a community of actions

Quip records unite your own teams operate and telecommunications, so you can get anything carried out in one place.

Spreadsheets that change rates into behavior

Embed spreadsheets into files to give information the framework their group must generate vital decisions.

Speak that reduces records silos

Streamline their workflow with team cam included in every data and spreadsheet; plus employees boards and 1:1 texting.

Beneficial Methods

A home based job: Their Help Guide To Collaboration in Quip

Learn to keep impetus and continue working together in latest means.

Salesforces Guidelines for Online Operate In Quip

Learn how to keep staff connected, establish alignment, and implement company targets without having the workplace.

Salesforce Treatment: Salesforces Reaction To

Totally free rapid impulse answers to let governments and providers navigate

AppExchange Resource heart

A devoted reference page with solutions and content to assist respond to the needs of your staff, people, and people during this time.

A home based job: Your Own Self-help Guide To Cooperation in Quip

Learn to keep impetus and continue collaborating in brand new approaches.

Salesforces Recommendations for Remote Control Are Employed In Quip

Discover ways to keep staff members connected, build positioning, and carry out business objectives without company.

Salesforce Attention: Salesforces Response to

Totally free rapid responses remedies for help governments and firms navigate .

AppExchange source heart

A devoted site web page with solutions and content to help answer the needs of your staff, users, and area during this period.

Protected productivity for business

Quip is actually Salesforces output system that transforms the way in which enterprises collaborate, giving modern venture securely and merely across any tool.


Believe is actually the # 1 advantages. We function tirelessly assure all visitors experience the finest amount of information protection, confidentiality, and control.

Internet Personal Cloud

Deploy to a single-tenant virtual private cluster thats was able as a site by Salesforce. Youre in full control over location, network set-up, and much more.

Quip Shield

Quips higher level security features help boost believe, transparency, compliance, and governance for the most security-conscious companies.

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