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RELATED: Positions The 7 Season Away from American Headache Story

Just in case you can previously score some body escort girls in Springfield MO as guarded since Constance Langdon (out of 12 months one to) for taking a Myers-Briggs® character decide to try, what can the outcome become? Fascinating, to put it mildly. How about this new Antichrist during the Apocolypse? Probably the evilest emails in the show enjoys some humanity in them, that’s brand new part worthy of exploring. Here you will find the Myers-Briggs® identification outcome of the newest 10 really iconic characters during the AHS.

ten Constance Langdon: ENFJ

Jessica Lange’s basic role when you look at the American Horror Tale are that Constance Langdon, this new informed, narcissistic southern area belle out of 12 months the one that each of us liked so you’re able to dislike. Because an ENJF, Constance tend to appear out-of once the loving, gracious, and worried about the people doing this lady. Unfortuitously, Constance’s demand for peoples’ wishes and you can objectives try a hundred% self-serving and you can a just be sure to impact them on the doing any type of it was she desires. As the an enthusiastic ENFJ, Constance is motivated almost completely of the emotion as opposed to reasoning, and can tend to impulsively act call at the face out-of grievance or getting rejected.

nine Lana Winter seasons: ENTJ

Lana Winters is a beneficial gritty, challenging writer exactly who discovers by herself closed into the a psychological asylum when you look at the her try to present the gifts during the AHS: Asylum. Given that a keen ENTJ, Lana try verbal, people-established, idealistic, and intensely interested.

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ENTJs want to encourage change in the nation consequently they are instance sensitive to individuals dismissing how they be, which is inevitably what happens immediately after Lana finds herself locked within the Briarcliff. Despite Lana are institutionalized and you may impregnated from the Soft Deal with, she’s ultimately in a position to disconnect herself away from this lady prior and you will realize her very own way to profits, and this just demonstrates exactly how determined ENTJs will be.

8 Sis Jude: ESTJ

Cousin Jude was a painful character to type, mainly because of her changes off cardio during the period of AHS: Asylum. At first, Sibling Jude is the harsh and you may wise direct nun off Briarcliff who is unmarried-handedly responsible for locking up Lana Winter seasons not as much as not the case pretenses. By her really works ethic, performance, and you will medical management of the fresh citizens when you look at the Briarcliff, seemingly Sister Jude is going to be distinguisheded as an enthusiastic ESTJ, or “Successful Organizer.” After Brother Jude’s slip off sophistication, this lady ESTJ-passionate capacity to foresee prospective troubles can become a complete-fledged paranoia, and you may Sibling Jude remains from inside the Briarcliff (as a citizen) until Kit requires the girl family.

seven Fiona Goode: ENTJ

Regarding the most AHS: Coven, Fiona Goode is the glamorous, narcissistic Finest Witch of the coven of Salem descendants. Like any ENTJs, Fiona is mind-sure and you may power hungry right from the beginning.

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ENTJs find it difficult distinguishing her thinking, as well as their mental disconnect often leads them to end up being inconsiderate into the anyone else. We see Fiona’s concern with emotions within her reference to their very own child (which is poisoned which have envy) along with her fear of perishing by yourself. For example Fiona, ENTJs is actually proper, purpose, and difficult when necessary.

6 Bette And you can Dot Tattler: ENFP & ISTJ

Bette and you may Mark Tattler (new conjoined twins out-of AHS: Freak Inform you) are officially a couple of separate anybody, but just like their emails, those two (completely different) character products must adhere with her. Bette is truly a keen ENFP, an identification variety of that is described as their gusto for a lifetime and their interested and you can supporting characteristics. Once we get in new let you know, Bette are daring and you can offered to like and you can relationship in a beneficial way that the woman brother isn’t really. Mark, concurrently, is actually a vintage ISTJ: however protected, values this lady confidentiality, and you can, unfortuitously for her, likes doing work by yourself.


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