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The Six of Wands depicts one using a laurel wreath on their mind, riding a white horse through group cheering

The Six of Wands depicts one using a laurel wreath on their mind, riding a white horse through group cheering

The Six of Wands illustrates a guy wear a laurel wreath on his head, driving a white horse through crowd cheering. On card, the white pony symbolizes the power, purity and popularity of an adventure; and crowd present acceptance for the successes of boys. The stick in his give has a wreath, again emphasizing the profits which he has actually reached. He or she is not afraid to reveal others exactly what he’s done in their existence thus far, and cheerfully, everybody in include cheering because of this champion.

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The detailed description with the Six of Wands

This credit is a type of the Chariot within the Minor Arcana. These two notes portray the winning minutes. Sometimes, in daily life, all we want is actually triumph, getting one sitting on leading and getting lots one. You can observe this dream lingering in the confronts of players, politicians as well as other champions as they step inside hallway of respect. This is the most valuable feeling in anything. I’m top. I’ve obtained!

Six of Wands in addition shows a healthy sense of confidence. Becoming content with your achievements is an essential part of achievement, but becoming too-proud can cause arrogance and complacency. Once you see this card, you will want to examine yourself to ensure that you don’t feel just like you are the a lot of outstanding ones all. It’s easy to disregard the undeniable fact that individual success isn’t necessarily attained by the person his/herself. The talents begin with the maker, they grow with like and assistance of people, and eventually manifest through us. And how we can allow ourselves to get therefore over-proud?

Pleasure will be the first and best sin we must over come by coming in contact with our souls with haven. If this card seems, you should take pleasure in the success and be ok with yourself, but keep in mind to not ever become dating apps for Hispanic Sites adults arrogant.

Key words pertaining to the Six of Wands Tarot cards: success, Honor, Proud.

Phrase and keyword phrases

Triumph, success, success, recognition, understanding, show that you may be appropriate, achieve the aspiration, decide wisely, triumph, confidence, become recognized, great news, diplomatic, overcome, record, solve trouble, incentive, full, advertisement, respect, win, applaud, support, capacity.


The Six of Wands are only concerned with achievement, winning and identification. Just you will be succeeded in obtaining your ultimate goal but also your time and effort are acquiesced by everyone else near you. You have not too long ago got a prize, started recognized in public or obtained popularity from a colleague for work complete. It may also be just a pat on the arms, a compliment or acceptance for the operate. This contributes are to build self-esteem and empower one maintain those effort.

This card suggests that you may have exploited your strengths and skills to result in successful listings together with your effort. You may have managed to overcome the problems in the Five of Wands, reduce distractions while focusing regarding the primary jobs. Through quite a distance, you have manage the difficulties as you go along, and from now on you’re focusing stamina on an objective to open up just how to achieve your goals. It is time to shine and go-ahead.

This is exactly an extremely good sign. It may imply that even though you tend to be facing challenges, you may over come all of them and victory the last triumph. This credit also refers to the advancement both in exact and figurative, everything is altering ina positive manner


Typically, the Six of Wands is actually a cards about delight and compliments. You certainly will eventually discover some good results for your initiatives. Permit yourself rest or you should address yourself better in a few methods. You’ll definitely end up being beneficial.


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