Why Learn with Arewa Technology Hub?

We are solution-based, learning is fun, when you can see experiment ideas, test product,s and build sustainable solutions.

While we have a range of existing courses we know from experience that programs work better when they have been customised to your needs.

Examples of customisation include introducing case studies that are relevant to your sector, including examples from your business or integrating your processes and methodologies into our best practice structure.

Our ultimate goal is to offer flexible, practical solutions that build the capabilities of your knowledge. From workshops to projects, you’ll get the most current and relevant content tailored to you.

World class training programmes delivered by world class tutors

As an awarding body for the ICT industry we have to pass stringent quality controls for all our training programmes that most of our competitors don’t. Why not ask how others measure their content quality and you’ll see the difference.

However we also know that how that content is delivered is key. We are continuously developing our roster of outstanding specialist practitioner tutors. Many of our training consultants are thought leaders in business and each individual is renowned for their practical experience, specialist knowledge, and exceptional training skills. We offer full practical, with the use of the best infrastructures (laptop, internet facility, cozy workspace).

Our trainers are fully supported by an experienced and friendly team of programmer who manages the successful delivery of every in-company training engagement. All of which makes us uniquely qualified to solve even the most unique training challenge you are currently trying to meet.