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Workforce who are produced redundant for defined reasons have entitlement to obtain severance pay according to research by the period of time operating

Workforce who are produced redundant for defined reasons have entitlement to obtain severance pay according to research by the period of time operating

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Entitlements and responsibilities

Parental, maternity and paternity allow

In 2022, normally 34,565 pregnancy importance were offered every month. The show of males receivers is increasing and ended up being 22per cent in 2022. Adult allowance was actually provided to 138,706 visitors monthly normally. Almost all these everyone was females. No figures are available regarding express of adult leave. Paternity allow is not applied.

Statutory create arrangements

Pregnancy set

The conventional timeframe was 34 weeks (6a€“8 weeks before the birth), 37 days for just one mommy and 43 months for a mom that has offered beginning to twins or higher young children.

A lady normally begins pregnancy keep 6 months ahead of the planned birth, or even for a novice mommy, 2 months before birth.

If she does not utilize this period of maternity keep unconditionally, she will only utilize 22 weeks following the birth.

Pregnancy allowance was determined as 75percent (2018) of day-to-day assessment base or perhaps the possible everyday evaluation base (average earning).

Social Insurance Agency

Act No. 461/2003 on personal insurance, as amended.

Work No. 311/2001 from the Labour Code, as amended and regarding healthcare legislation.

Parental keep

Maximum as much as the little one age 3 years (6 ages if the health standing in the child/ren is important inside long-lasting).

As per 1 July 2020, it was a‚¬270 monthly and a‚¬370 monthly, when the person formerly gotten a pregnancy advantages

Social Insurance Agency

Operate No. 571/2009 on parental allowance as amended.

Work No. 311/2001 regarding Labour signal, as amended, and associated healthcare rules

Paternity leave

Ill leave

Sick leave is actually regulated by Act No. 461/2003 on social insurance rates by Act No. 462/2003 on money replacing if there is an employeea€™s temporary incapacity for operate. Some sickness-related problems may managed because of the labor laws. Vomiting wages is provided in line with the time of the illness. For very first 10 days of sickness, the benefit (as a wage settlement) was compensated of the manager of unwell personnel. The remainder of this duration, the power try settled by the public insurance company (SP). The most time of sickness advantages is 52 months. The vomiting profit are paid in instances of lasting sick allow: truly 55percent of the examination base (day-to-day income computed on the basis of the past seasons, with a monthly roof of two times the nationwide average monthly salary) from eleventh day of incapacity for jobs. In accordance with the work signal, terminating the business connection even though the worker is on ill allow is not let. In 2022, the full total few paid pros got 1,487,618. Since March 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SP pays the advantage also your first 10 days of nausea in the place of companies.


In 2004, the retirement for obtaining the old-age retirement was actually risen up to 62 decades for many population organizations (excluding people with numerous young children, for whom this retirement age shall be achieved in 2023). From 2017 onwards, the appropriate retirement will gradually augment according to boost in life span. In 2018, the retirement was actually extended to 62 ages and 139 era as well as in 2022, it was lengthened to 62 many years and six months.

Cover: For workers, the incentive for efforts and primary revenue stream; for employers, a cost of manufacturing and concentrate of negotiating and legislation. This part looks into minimum-wage style in Slovakia and guides your reader to help content on collective salary bargaining.

Wages in Slovakia were increasing in the last a decade. For example, ordinary gross month-to-month wages throughout the economy enhanced from a‚¬888 in 2012 to a‚¬1,262 in 2022, an increase of 42%. Earnings enhanced in every areas associated with the economic climate and major increase took place from inside the management and assistance services (57per cent), education (by 55percent), general public government and protection and ways, entertainment and activity (each 54per cent) and health care and social solutions (47per cent) areas. The highest ordinary earnings come in suggestions and interaction, economic and insurance coverage activities, and power, gas, steam and air cooling offer sectors at a‚¬2,156, a‚¬1,979 and a‚¬1,873 monthly respectively. The best earnings is lasting in holiday accommodation and snacks provider strategies (a‚¬778).

Ordinary gross monthly wages per employee (EUR)







Details and communications

Farming, forestry and angling

Economic and insurance policies strategies

Exploration and quarrying

Property tasks

Pro, scientific and technical tasks

Electrical energy, gasoline, vapor and air conditioning supply

Management and support services strategies

Water-supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation tasks

People administration and protection; mandatory social security

General and shopping trade; fix of cars and motorcycles

Individual health insurance and social efforts strategies

Transportation and space

Arts, enjoyment and sporting

Accommodation and foods provider tasks

Additional provider activities

Average gross monthly earnings per male/female employee (EUR)








All economic climate

Farming, forestry and fishing

Mining and quarrying

Energy, petrol, vapor and air-conditioning offer

Water-supply; sewerage, spend administration and removal tasks


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